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ProjectorCentral Advertising. Our Reach. Your Results.

We provide access to a highly targeted audience of projector buyers and users. This audience includes business, education, government, home theater, and non-profit organizations.

As a portal site for the projection industry, the site also attracts buyers and users that are seeking projection and accessory solutions to specific needs such as education, training, video conferencing, simulations, presentations, concerts, theaters, communication, and command and control applications for both fixed and mobile applications.

ProjectorCentral offers Cost-per-Thousand impressions (CPM) programs for standard placements. The campaigns can be delivered Run-of-Site (ROS) or as page-targeted insertions. We also offer country-targeted campaigns to reach our audience outside the United States. Our advertising policies and an outline of some of the advertising options are outlined below.


Types of Advertising - Horizontal Banners (top of each page) and Vertical Banners (top right column of each page, and Skyscrapers (right column of each page, left column of each page below site navigation).

Delivery Method - Each impression is delivered in a random rotation throughout the site. Frequency of rotation is based on order size and available space.

Space Allocation - Advertising space is allocated on a monthly basis. Established advertisers are given first priority. New advertisers are allocated remaining space or placed on a waiting list. When space is oversold, higher performing ads are given priority.

Payment of Services - Unless otherwise agreed, all advertising services must be paid in advance. The first month's fee is drawn from a credit card and deposited in a ProjectorCentral Wallet. This Wallet is accessible by the advertiser through their Member Center. In the event the Wallet empties, the advertiser's space will be relinquished to other advertisers. Contact Advertising for current advertising rates.

Agency Fees - All advertising prices are net of agency fees.

Advertising Term - The minimum term of advertising is two months after which advertising may be continued at the same impression frequency, decreased, or terminated. Increases in advertising are subject to available space.

Campaign Termination - After the two-month advertising period, advertisers may request campaign termination. Requests must be submitted in writing by using our contact form for Advertising or via direct email to your advertising contact. The communication must include a subject line with your company name and a brief description of the banner to be terminated. Allow 48 hours for termination to be completed.

Ad Replacement - Ads may be updated and/or replaced anytime, subject to a limit of not more than 3 changes of artwork in any 30-day period. Allow two business days for replacements to become active.

Ad Performance - Statistics are available through the last 6 months and provide total impressions, total clicks, click rate, and cost.

Click-thru Link - The click-thru link that directs buyer traffic to the advertiser's web site may be up to a 255-character URL.

Ad Restrictions - Unless otherwise agreed, ads may not include sound or require the user to have a plug-in.