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Terry Paullin

Terry Paullin, founder of Front Row Cinema in Livermore, CA, has built more than a thousand home theaters over a 30+- year span. He shares projector installation and calibration tips, comments on new projection and display advances, offers up suggestions on what you should be watching now on your rig, and generally goes off on whatever pleases or irks him about the current state of front projection.

  • Do You Need a 12-Step Program?

    Home theater addiction may not be the worst affliction you can endure, but when it comes time to repair or upgrade your system, it can make you do some crazy things.

  • So, You Wanna Be a Custom Installer...

    If you've thought about turning your A/V hobby into a career, here's some advice about what it takes to succeed as a custom electronics installer.

  • Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

    In the courtroom of customer service, A/V manufacturers are often guilty of aggravated irritation at the least...and maybe a whole lot more.

  • The Immutable, Unchanging, Invariable Rules

    More words of wisdom and sage advice on your quest for great home theater from master integrator Terry Paullin...

  • Ten Steps to Movie Nirvana

    Your trip to home theater heaven begins right here with sage advice from integrator Terry Paullin.

  • Looking for Dale Earnhardt

    Whether it's NASCAR or home theater, you only get the win when good things converge.

  • Choose Wisely, Obi-Wan

    Make good decisions now, you must, to avoid home theater pain later.

  • Let's Pump The Brakes...

    If you're cooped up inside, what could be better than breaking out the classics for your family's budding film students?

  • Bad News, Good News...and a Suggestion

    There's nothing funny about a pandemic, but there's a tiny silver lining to being stuck at home.

  • How to Watch TV

    There's more to the art of being a couch potato than meets the eye...