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Wide-ranging commentary and news on all things projection from ProjectorCentral's expert staff and contributors.

Pixel Ponderings

ProjectorCentral editor-in-chief Rob Sabin shares insights on the latest front projection trends, technologies, and products.... Read More

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Why You Shouldn't Buy a Crowdfunded Projector

Crowdfund campaigns for new home theater and lifestyle projectors are on the rise. But be wary: the ... Read More

It Takes a Village: Sponsors Step Up as Countdown Continues for 2022 Laser TV Showdown

Several manufacturers have stepped up to provide critical equipment for the 2022 Laser TV Showdown b... Read More

Expo Panel Experts Answer the Big Question: How're We Doin'?

Next week's Projection Expo panel discussion will see three experts from Sharp NEC, Sony and ViewSon... Read More

What's In Store at Projection Expo 2021?

Projection Expo 2021 is set to run June 15-17 and promises a showcase for new products, engaging pan... Read More

ProjectorCentral Q&A

Paul Vail has been a professional audiovisual engineer since 1999. He works day-to-day for a commercial integrator and runs ... Read More

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How Bright Should Your Projector Be?

Figuring out how many lumens you need actually isn't complicated, but you shouldn't expect all of yo... Read More

What Type of Cable Should I Run for My Projector?

With HDMI 2.1 and 8K on their way, how can you future-proof your projector installation?

How Do I Fix My Broken Projector?

More often than not, the best resolution for your projector issue the manufacturer.

How Do I Calculate Screen Size and Seating Distance for My Home Theater?

Getting the right screen size and seating distance for a home theater involves math, some of rule-of... Read More

Installer's Insight

Terry Paullin, founder of Front Row Cinema in Livermore, CA, has built more than a thousand home theaters over a 30+- year sp... Read More

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Do You Need a 12-Step Program?

Home theater addiction may not be the worst affliction you can endure, but when it comes time to rep... Read More

So, You Wanna Be a Custom Installer...

If you've thought about turning your A/V hobby into a career, here's some advice about what it takes... Read More

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

In the courtroom of customer service, A/V manufacturers are often guilty of aggravated irritation at... Read More

The Immutable, Unchanging, Invariable Rules

More words of wisdom and sage advice on your quest for great home theater from master integrator Ter... Read More

The Projectionist

Michael J. McNamara is the former Executive Technology Editor of Popular Photography magazine and a renowned expert on digita... Read More

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Are Micro-LED Displays Ready for Primetime?

Modular micro-LED displays, like Sony's Crystal LED and Samsung's Wall, have been wowing tradeshow a... Read More

So, You Think You're So Bright?

Everyone says flat-panel TVs are brighter than projectors...but when it comes to "brightness," every... Read More

The Amazing, Incredible, Invisible Projector

Projectors are a great choice for home theater. Just try buying one at your local big-box store...

And Then Came Digital...

In the first installment of his blog The Projectionist, Mike McNamara looks back to remind us that w... Read More